Myths vs Reality

Myth: Atherton Police Officers face fewer dangers than Officers from other nearby agencies such as Redwood City, Menlo Park, and East Palo Alto. Certainly, the pace of incidents in Atherton are fewer. And, the Department is staffed appropriately. Atherton Police does not field dozens of Officers each shift. When an incident occurs, all of our resources are quickly absorbed.

Example One:

DUI Driver Crashes into Two Atherton Patrol Cars
On 11-11-2009, Sergeant Kockler was issuing a citation to a driver, a routine incident for us. This video shows how quickly our job becomes dangerous. A DUI driver crashed into the Police car behind Sergeant Kockler's, throwing not only him, but also the original violator to the ground. The cars sustained major damage, but fortunately, the Officers and citizen suffered only minor injuries. This video was captured using Sergeant Kockler's VieVu video camera he wore on his uniform shirt.


Example Two:

Suicidal Man Found with Gun in Holbrook Palmer Park
On May 8, 2013, Atherton Police responded to a report a man in Holbrook Palmer Park who threatened to kill himself to a Little League Coach. Upon our arrival, we found the person in his car parked on the path leading from a parking lot to the tennis courts. He was despondent and uncooperative. Officers were able to safetly detain him before he harmed himself or others. Two loaded handguns were found inside his car.

Example Three:

The Town's Transportation Committee often states that the Police Officers do not write enough citations. They claim we give out too many warnings. In fact, our Agency issues a great number of speeding citations. Recently, KPIX ran a story about the Bay Area agency that hands out the most citations. They didn't  ask for Atherton's number in preparing their story. But, if they had, they would have discovered that Atherton was at the top of the list. Moreover, Atherton issues far more speeding citations than many other larger local agencies with dedicated traffic units