About the APOA

The men and women of the Atherton Police Officers’ Association welcome you to our website, and we want to express our continuing appreciation for the strong support we receive from our residents.

The APOA understands that you chose to live in Atherton for a reason, and all of our members are absolutely committed to assisting you in maintaining the quality of life that this unique community has always represented.  We view the APOA’s role as a charitable organization [IRS 501(c)(5) and 501(c)(3)] as a critically important part of our activities, in addition to the representation functions it serves between our employee members and the Town government. 

Your generous donations to APOA’s Charity Fund has made it possible for us to support the good works of a wide range of community organizations and charitable endeavors (a current list of organizations we support can be found under the “charitable funds” tab), and your equally generous donations to our “support fund” allows the APOA to purchase equipment and resources that improve the work environment and productivity of our 25 police officer and civilian members without further burdening the Town’s budget.

We are very proud of the fact that our department continues to provide services that most police departments quit doing years ago in the name of balancing their budgets, although the APOA also understands that providing law enforcement services to a community is not always a happy function.  We want you to know, however, that each and every member is one hundred percent committed to providing you with the safest community in which to enjoy the quality of life that is the Town of Atherton.

The leadership team of the APOA – its President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer – are elected bi-annually from among the full-time employees of the police department, and it welcomes feedback from our residents and our membership.  The APOA understands that without you and without your support, we would not exist.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any matters in which the APOA may be of assistance to you.